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Student Comments
Parent Comments

“In middle school, I have to say that I hated math because I didn't understand it.  After working with an Alpha Kid tutor for 2 months it suddenly made total sense, and I raised my grade from a 'C' to an 'A-' by the end of the year."

— Eric from Ft. Lauderdale


"Last year I was totally stressing the SATS because I wanted to get into a good college.  I didn't do so well on the PSAT so my mom called Alpha Kid, and after 3 months of constantly taking practice tests, it was time to take it for real.  I did so well that I'm now going to NYU, and I feel like a real Alpha Kid!

-Samantha from Oakland Park


“For years I had a hard time with reading comprehension and writing essays.  I got straight 'Cs' and 'D's and really stopped caring.  I wasn't so hot about having a tutor either, but after working with Alpha Kid for a whole semester I got a 'B+' in Language Arts.  Now I actually enjoy reading and writing on my own.

— Jamile from Pembroke Pines


“I was one of those kids that totally hated school, but was really great in sports.  When my school told me that they weren't going to let me play sports anymore because of my bad attitude and low grades, my dad put his foot down, and called a tutor to get me motivated to do my homework and prepare for exams.  This totally turned me around, and I made the honor roll last semester.  Now Alpha Kid is preparing me for the ACT, and I'm planning on going to FIU next year.

— Adrian from Pompano Beach


“I'm a kid that has asberger's syndrome which is a mild form of autism.  I never could relate to my teachers or the other kids, and just stayed quiet all the time getting straight C's in my classes.  I relate to learning much better with a very nice, patient teacher who really knows me.  My grades are all 'As' and 'B's now.  Alpha Kid really changed my life.

— Tommy from Boca Raton

“I have two kids- one that had low grades in math, and one that struggled with reading and writing.  I hired a great tutor from Alpha Kid, and both my kids have improved greatly over the last two months."

— Rose from Margate


“To put it plainly, my son didn't care at all about school, and was in danger of flunking out.  After two sessions with a tutor from Alpha Kid, we figured out that the reason Donny was failing was because he had a hard time with concentration.  It turns out he has ADHD, but Alpha Kid knew exactly how to get him to focus, and now he's an honor student."

— Mildred from Coral Springs


“I have a special needs child who goes to a school that specializes in children with disabilities, but it just wasn't working.  For the past year, we have worked with a tutor from Alpha Kid, and now my child is very close to getting into a normal school.  I'm going to continue working with Alpha Kid because their tutors have made all the difference."

— Antonio from Lauderdale Lakes


“My daughter was an honor student until college.  When she started at Miami U, she was overwhelmed by college life and the workload.  I knew she needed one on one help, so I called Alpha Kid.  This was the best decision we ever made.  Jen now has learned to manage her time better, and is back on the honor roll."

— Jessica from Tamarac


“My child always struggled with math, and had given up on ever doing well in the subject.  I wanted him to get into a good college, so we decided to hire Alpha Kid for help.  I can't say enough about how Sterling turned his attitude and grades around, and it only took two months for him to go from a failing grade to a 'B' avergage.  Alpha Kid tutors are life savers!"

— Selena from Hollywood

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