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My child was having a tough time with math and writing.  After two months of tutoring help from Alpha Kid, Jimmy went from a 'C' average to a solid 'B.

-Maria from Pompano Beach


I can't thank Alpha Kid Tutoring enough for all they've done for my daughter.  She just got accepted to FAU.

-John from Coral Springs

My son, Justin has ADHD, and has been struggling for years to barely keep up and make it to the next grade.  The one on one care he's gotten over the past year has raised Justin's grades and confidence level.

-     Selena from Margate

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Alpha Kid creates an environment that implements 'old school' techniques using modern technology as a tool to reinforce these methods.

In other words, we know that kids today are struggling due to the detrimental effects of a broken educational system.  The current system pushes students in front of a computer without the guidance and stability of a real face to face humantistic approach to teaching.  At Alpha Kid we will combine the tried and true methods of teaching the basics of reading, writing, math and science along with the supplemental assistance of computerized learning.  In fact, we encourage our instructors to routinely communicate with students through email when they are in need of assistance with homework or upcoming exams.


If you have a child with a learning disabilty, we will provide you with a highly qualified instructor that specializes in the type of education he or she needs to overcome the challenges that are too often overlooked in a busy classroom.  At Alpha Kid we believe in not only providing specialized instruction, but in creating a comfortable environment for learning in the privacy of your home.  We also view the disabled community as an integral part of our world, and we must strive to help each and every individual achieve the goals and dreams we all share.

In addition to helping all kinds of students with their daily assigments in every subject, we also know the importance of achieving higher scores on the SAT, ACT, GRE and regents exams. A good score on these very important tests will greatly increase your child's chances of being accepted into the college of his or her choice. We want all of our students to thrive at a university that will prepare them for a fulfilling career and will guarantee economic stability and upward mobility in their lives.

At Alpha Kid we see each and every student as as an individual, and our experienced instructors know intuitively how to tap into the style of learning that will aid your child in becoming comfortable and confident about material that he or she typically fears.  For example, if a student struggling in math is a more visual learner then we will implement 3-D tools to aid in his/her understanding of abstract concepts.  On the other hand, if your child is good at math, but has difficulty with reading and writing, we can take a more mathematical approach in how to construct a coherent essay or comprehend the main idea of a passage or essay.  What's most important to us, and to our students is that we use your child's strenghts to overshadow and overcome any weaknesses that impair his or her ability to excel in school!

Customized Learning 
Plans for Students with Disabilities
Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning
Top College
Exam Prep
Top Universities:
"Grades #1 Factor"
We know that in a class size of 30 or more students, it becomes difficult for today's teachers to give kids the individual attention they need to succeed.  Therefore, students are under-prepared for college work, and getting accepted into the more prestigious colleges is becoming much more difficult. We take the educational experience to the next level by taking a hands on approach that inspires students to learn and achieve greater goals.  Two hours of personalized instruction per week is equivalent to several hours spent in the classroom. In as little as one month, your child will reap the benefits of receiving one on one tutoring.

In-Home Tutoring Provides Comfort and Convenience
Saving time and gas is equivalent to saving money without the worry of running late or having to cancel your child's appointment.  This also gives you the opportunity to see our wonderful teachers transform young lives through the art of patience and preparedness.

Alpha Kid Tutors are Top Notch!
All of our teachers care deeply about education, and are entirely invested in the students they teach. As the owner and operator of Alpha Kid Tutoring, I personally hand-pick all of our tutors

I never ever thought my kid would get straight 'A's on her report card.  It turns out that all she needed was a little motivation. She was just bored by a mundane school curriculum

-  Cindy from Tamarac

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